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Upcoming prime international trade exhibitions on : Automotives & Spare Parts, Building & Construction, Food & Agriculture Hospitality, Industrial Products & Machinery, Consumer & Household, Beauty, Medical & Health Care, Mining, Plastics, Printing & Packaging, IT, Electronics & Satellite Products ,Interiors, Furniture & Lighting, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Wood etc.

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KENYA: Co-Operative Bank Secures $7.5m Guarantee For Green SME Finance
The African Guarantee Fund (AGF) has signed a loan portfolio guarantee agreement with the Co-operative Bank of Kenya (CBK) for $7.5 million. The guarantee facility will enable CBK to finance green . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 21st October 2021
Safaricom Aims to Be Kenya Power’s Latest Meter Installer
According to Reuters, the telecommunication filed a proposal with utility Kenya Power for the installation of smart meters with the purpose of reducing non-revenue electricity and enhancing grid . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 21st October 2021
ETHIOPIA: Addis Ababa To Invest $40bn In 71 Clean Energy Projects Over 10 Years
Ethiopia wants to become a major player on the African energy scene. The Ethiopian government wants to implement a 10year plan to produce and export the green electricity to the Horn of Africa and . . .Read more »
Posted on : Wednesday , 20th October 2021
AFRICA: Alphamundi Finances The Growth Of Solar Energy Provider Redavia
Redavia is receiving funding to accelerate the roll-out of its services in Africa. The company that provides solar power for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers is getting $1 million in . . .Read more »
Posted on : Wednesday , 20th October 2021
Government of Kenya launches US$ 4.6m water project in Nyali, Mombasa
The National Government of Kenya recently launched an over US$ 4.6M water project in Nyali, a residential area, and Sub-County within Mombasa City on the mainland north of Mombasa County.The project, . . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 19th October 2021
Renewable energy demand an exciting development in Tanzania
AN interesting development is emerging in Tanzania's power generation sector, with an increasing number of companies investing in renewable energy projects. Across the country are opportunities, . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 7th October 2021
Kenya Power and Lighting: The African Development Bank's SEFA funding will finance the country's first Super ESCO.
The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) has announced a one-million-dollar grant to help Kenya's government establish a Super Energy Service Company (ESCO).The Super ESCO, to be run by the . . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 30th September 2021
India East Africa Community (EAC) to drive enhanced trade partnerships
Indian Economic Trade Organization in association with the India Africa Trade Council organized the INDIA EAC SUMMIT in New Delhi on 3rd September which was attended by the High Commissioners of . . .Read more »
Posted on : Wednesday , 29th September 2021
Changes in global trade dynamics shift automotive supply chain hubs to Africa
The global trade dynamics are shifting as a result of a variety of short-term and long-term variables. The rising viability of new Arctic marine routes, the growth of new states into automotive . . .Read more »
Posted on : Wednesday , 29th September 2021
Tanzanian government allocates USD 1.93 billion for road construction and rehabilitation
The government has approved a total of 1.93 billion in the fiscal year 2021/22 for the construction and rehabilitation of roads around mountains totalling 82.1 kilometres in length, according to Mr . . .Read more »
Posted on : Wednesday , 29th September 2021

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