Expogroup Events Listing for 2022/2023


Upcoming prime international trade exhibitions on : Automotives & Spare Parts, Building & Construction, Food & Agriculture Hospitality, Industrial Products & Machinery, Consumer & Household, Beauty, Medical & Health Care, Mining, Plastics, Printing & Packaging, IT, Electronics & Satellite Products ,Interiors, Furniture & Lighting, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Wood etc.

About Us

Expogroup began its operations in 1996 starting with export-oriented International Trade Exhibitions in the Middle East & Africa. Since then, it has been organizing annual trade fairs in 14 countries within the region itself. Apart from that, Expogroup has presented several other events in emerging markets such as the CIS, Australia, Latin America & India.

Completing 23 years in the industry, Expogroup has spread its network in more than 37 countries managing more than 20 trade fairs annually in various counties. Most of the hard work was done in absence of modern communication systems and facilities but come another 15 years, we foresee double the growth. For more info visit here.


Innovation is at the core of Kenya's new plastics circularity plan.
The Kenya Plastics Pact has presented the nation's new plan for creating a circular economy for plastics by 2030. The roadmap includes a number of important components, such as innovation and. . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 4th October 2022
AFSA and CCC-E are collaborating to create a plan to reform the food system in Africa.
A recent climate summit was held in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, thanks to the efforts of the Consortium for Climate Change Ethiopia (CCC-E) and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA). To. . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 4th October 2022
Four more Kenyan towns are now served by Uber
Eldoret, Nakuru, Naivasha, and Kisumu are the four new cities in Kenya where Uber has announced its expansion. Now accessible in 8 East African cities, the expansion strengthens Uber's position. . .Read more »
Posted on : Friday , 30th September 2022
Jumia Kenya will launch an electric vehicle for delivery services in Kenya
Jumia Kenya has announced that it would soon start using electric e-Vans for deliveries done in Kenya. The electric e-Vans are a new addition to the delivery fleet that already comprises boda. . .Read more »
Posted on : Friday , 30th September 2022
Agri-summit: Kijaji wants Tanzania to be the continent's food powerhouse.
Dr. Ashatu Kijaji, the minister of investment, industry, and trade, has urged both the public and private sectors to work together to make Tanzania the hub of the continent and the world for the. . .Read more »
Posted on : Thursday , 29th September 2022
Suez will recover Renault's waste over the next three years in Morocco.
Renault, the French car manufacturer, has renewed its contract with Suez for waste management at its two Moroccan plants. Suez Morocco has been recovering Renault Group industrial waste since 2008.In. . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 27th September 2022
Kenya: Iten town in Kenya will get a Sewerage System.
Elgeyo-Marakwet County officials in Kenya recently unveiled a new sanitation initiative. In the town of Iten, it entails the installation of a sewerage system. The initiative, which aims to improve. . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 27th September 2022
Ethiopia's new wood and forest industry has a bright future.
Millions of people can become wealthy by investing in forests. The opportunity is obvious: Over the next 20 years, Ethiopia's need for wood and forest products is predicted to rise by 27%. More. . .Read more »
Posted on : Tuesday , 27th September 2022
The Singida Mine of Shanta Gold is scheduled to open in 2023.
After announcing its interim results for the first half of 2022, Shanta Gold gave an update on the Singida Gold Mine, which will start producing in Q1 2023 and become the company's second functioning. . .Read more »
Posted on : Monday , 26th September 2022
Midroc Ethiopia's Next Business Venture: A 1 billion USD residential town project
The Mahmadya Residential Village Project by MIDROC Ethiopia is anticipated to be the country's largest exclusively private real estate project. The largest company in Ethiopia and a division of. . .Read more »
Posted on : Monday , 26th September 2022

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